International Business Services

Bookkeeping, Reporting, Compilation

  • Bookkeeping and reporting according to the parent company's format and standards (IFRS, US GAAP...)
  • Preparation of current tax declarations and financial statements
  • Located in Paris-La Defense
  • Representation in France (tax authorities, statutory auditors...)
  • Administrative management of payments

Holding / Tax consolidation

  • Accounting and tax processing of restructuring operations
  • Translation of complex transactions
  • Management of tax consolidation

Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV)

  • Structured finance, CDO transactions
  • Accounting, tax and IFRS reporting
  • Accounting and tax advisory

« Whether you keep your records in France or abroad or if you decide to outsource your financial needs to Primexis, our team of 50 specialists is at your disposal to ensure preparation of reliable financial information within the required deadlines. »

, Partner


  • Bookkeeping, preparation of tax declarations and monthly reporting for many subsidiaries of foreign companies
  • Compilation of corporate income tax declarations and statutory accounts for many subsidiaries of foreign companies
  • On-site review of French subsidiary's annual accounts prepared by several Shared Service Centres outside France
  • Preparation of a comparison table between the group accounts (in US GAAP) and the French statutory accounts
  • Preparation of current tax declarations (VAT, tax on corporate cars, corporate income tax installments and balances...) for French subsidiaries whose books are kept by a Shared Service Centre outside France,
  • Monthly review of accounts in a subsidiary's premises (in Paris) and reporting to the parent company
  • Review of tax consolidation CIT returns on behalf of a US conglomerate
  • Assigment of a professional for several days per month for on-site registration of accounts and reporting preparation with the client's tools
  • Preparation of monthly reporting and annual accounts on behalf of a major US chain of hotels
  • Accounting and tax management of 160 SPV for a major French bank
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