Combining dual technical and functional competence, around accounting, finance and management-based information systems, our consultants will assist you in perfecting and managing your increasingly complex transformation projects.

Operational consulting and transformation projects

Internal, standard or regulatory challenges 

  • Implementation of impacts
  • Internal-process optimization
  • Report preparation

Transformation of Finance functions :

  • IS developments – changes to tools
  • Project Management Assistance (specifications, impacts, acceptance etc.)
  • Organizational changes
  • Intervention on all project phases: from feasibility study to launch support
Project Management Assistance
  • Project management assistance is provided during the integration of a new information system
  • Supporting professionals in framing their needs, drawing up specifications, carrying out projects and during functional acceptance phases
Project Management (PMO)
  • Managing a portfolio of projects and monitoring “quality, costs, deadlines and risk”
  • Defining and monitoring an execution plan, budget and schedule
  • Organizing and leading bodies and committees
  • Reporting to project stakeholders and managing resources
  • Change management

Support as required
  • Audit of what currently exists and drawing up specifications
  • Detailed demonstration and comparative analysis of solutions