International Business Services

International Business Services

The Accounting department supports French and foreign finance teams in their accounting and tax obligations: from taking charge of producing the financial statements, to ad-hoc assistance on specific problems. Our teams assist you in all projects involving the accounting and tax function by providing advice and expertise.

International group subsidiaries
  • Support in the reporting process, in accordance with the Group’s instructions (schedule, format, IFRS/ US GAAP standards etc.)
  • Preparing tax returns and the annual financial statements (compilation)
  • Domiciliation (Paris-La Défense)
  • Administrative management of regulations
Special assignments
  • Digital-transformation support
  • Accounting and taxation processing of complex operations (restructures, refinancing etc.)
  • Due diligence / evaluation assistance
  • Audit commissioner / Mergers auditor
Accounting and Taxation
  • Processing invoices digitally and accounting
  • Collaborative platform and Electronic Document Management (EDM)
  • Review of accounting and taxation work carried out by your teams (Revision)
  • Tax integration / holding companies
The financing of assets
  • Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) / Asset-finance companies
  • Administrative management of leasing agreements
  • Preparation of Group consolidation packages (IFRS)
  • Consulting in accounting and taxation

Typical assignements


  • Preparation and/or review of Tax Packages including deferred tax and tax proof
  • Accounting and tax management of 160 SPVs for a large French bank
  • Establishment of the monthly reporting and annual financial statements of hotels belonging to an American chain




  • Keeping of the accounts, preparing the tax returns and monthly reports for numerous subsidiaries of foreign companies
  • Review of the accounts of French subsidiaries within a service center shared internationally
  • Preparing tax forms and the annual financial statements of organizations that carry out their own bookkeeping and accounting reviews



” Whether you manage your finances in France or abroad, or if you decide to entrust them to our firm, we’re at your service, helping to provide reliable financial information within the given deadlines.”

Sonia Dussart


Didier Hémion



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