Primexis Cloud

Primexis Cloud

Primexis has developed a platform based on SAP Financial Consolidation technology, to put at the disposal of our clients an integrated consolidation and performance management solution, which is directly operational: Primexis Cloud

The Platform functions

Benchmark technology
  • Multi-source integration
  • French-IFRS settings ready-to-use
  • Capacity for real and provisional reporting integration: financial, cash-flow, operational
  • Primexis App Store with Reporting solutions
Optimized operations from Excel
  • Simplification of the data model
  • Drag and drop facilitating the creation of statements
  • Drill down/up allowing for the use of data
  • Accessibility for all contributors
  • Fluid integration within PowerPoint and Word
Your mobility solution
  • Simple and visual relying on the storytelling* of your choice
  • Information made available to all stakeholder on any type of media
  • Simple, intuitive and clear navigation
  • A responsive and searchable solution in offline mode

They trust us

 Philippe DORAY, Control Director of the OENEO group

Our group is effectively split into two divisions that are very distant from one another geographically. Being able to rely on a platform hosted by Primexis offers guaranteed security with numerous backup solutions, and it lets us really simplify things internally in terms of maintaining and monitoring system changes. It is very reassuring for us all the more given that Primexis’ consultants are very responsive.

Primexis Cloud offers you a complete solution to: – Quickly and efficiently consolidate with multiple repositories (IFRS and CRC 99-02) – Carry out financial and operational reports – Analyze key performance indicators – Distribute and share information

Sébastien Courbe

Partner, Managing Director

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