Start a business in France

Start a business in France

Setting up a business in France can be complex and time consuming but this need not be so. Based on over 30 years of experience Primexis offers tailor-made services for international companies to help them set up in France. Primexis’ detailed knowledge of the complex French regulations means that we can give clear advice that will reduce the risk and minimize the cost.

Additionally we can provide practical support in the following areas: Registered head office – You can register your head office at our address and benefit from services such as the use of conference rooms and mail forwarding. Bookkeeping – Outsourcing your bookkeeping to Primexis means your business has the best professionals supporting you and you can concentrate doing business. Primexis will record transactions, file documents, match purchase orders with authorizations for payments, issue detailed records and keep the legal registers up-todate. Reporting – Clear, simple, timely and accurate reports are essential for running a business. Primexis experienced professionals can help you by presenting regular and ad hoc financial statements in accordance with your accounting standards and deadlines. Cash flow tracking – Entrusting Primexis with the monitoring of your cash flow means that we will guarantee timely and accurate cash flow management and reporting in accordance with your purchase and settlement procedures.

Subcontracting your tax compliance work.

Primexis can manage your tax returns and obligations (VAT, business tax, corporate income tax, corporate dividend withholding tax, etc.) as well as dealing with French tax authorities on your behalf. We will obtain the timely refund of deductible VAT linked to your operations in France. Additionally you can give Primexis a mandate to sign your tax declarations

Outsourcing payroll and HR administration work.

France is well known for having complex employment, payroll and HR systems. However, Primexis’ experience and up-todate knowledge of legal issues relating to French employment will ensure you are compliant. Our experts will perform all the related work in complete security and confidentiality such as: selection of funds (pension, employee benefits, etc), expatriate payroll, implementing labor agreements when employees are hired, estimates of employee costs, pay slips, social declarations, hiring formalities, leaving documents, follow-up of social laws, assistance in case of audit (Social Security, Labour Inspectors), etc.

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